NDN Collective Staff

Grants and Fellowship

Janet Maylen, Program Officer: [email protected]
Focus areas:  Radical Imagination-U.S. based artists; Community Self-Determination-U.S. based grantees; Community Action Fund, U.S. based

PennElys Droz, Program Officer[email protected]
Focus areas:  Radical Imagination-Canada; Changemaker Fellows, U.S. based and Canada; Community Self-Determination-Canada; Community Action Fund, U.S. based and Canada

Nicole Yanes, Program Officer:  [email protected]
Focus areas:  Radical Imagination – Mexico and Spanish-Speaking Artists; Changemaker Fellowship-U.S. and Mexico regions; Community Self-Determination-U.S. and Mexico and Spanish Speaking Fellows; Community Action Fund – U.S. and Mexico

KamiRae James, Program Officer:
Focus area:  Community Action Fund, Community Self-Determination

Teresa Peterson, Program Manager: [email protected]
Focus Area: Collective Abundance Fund – Planning, design and implementation of the Collective Abundance Fund for individuals and families in the tri-state region of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota

Tina Kuckkahn, Director of Grantmaking:  [email protected]
Focus areas:  All NDN grantmaking programs and resources across all regions 

Technical Support

Billie White, Grants Manager:  [email protected]
Focus areas:  Grant portal and online grants management program

Tiana Begay, Grants & Data Analyst:  [email protected]
Focus areas:  Grant portal and online grants management program support 

Crystal Standing Bear, Program Associate
Focus areas:  Grant portal and online grants management support

Dakotah Jim, Capacity Building Coordinator:  [email protected]
Focus areas:  Grantee/partnership technical assistance and capacity building resources

Administration, Strategy and Partnerships

Gaby Strong, Managing Director:  [email protected]
Focus areas: Oversight of all grantmaking, programming and partnerships

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